We've turned on the lights to illuminate a new way to track and optimize sleep. With just 15 employees, the Zz brand has developed and marketed one of the top sleep apps on the market. We sleep on the job, so you won't fall asleep at yours.  

Meet the team that's making dreams come true.

Clarissa Nightingale


Clarissa suffered with insomnia for 12 years, before she finally couldn't take it anymore. She tried everything out there to fall and stay asleep, including sleeping pills, but nothing seemed to work long-term. So she decided to immerse herself in a year's worth of sleep research. She ran studies, tested treatments, and hired a tech engineer to create a healthy solution that would actually get the job done. After two years, Clarissa awoke the sleeping giant and Zz sleep tracker was born. Clarissa has committed her days to improving nights. 

Martin Sogno


Martin's the head software engineer here at Zz app. He works day and night to make sure our tracker technology is constantly the most innovative in the industry. He walked into the office one morning, iced coffee in hand, complaining he couldn't fall asleep the night before. That day, he created the "bedtime ritual" setting on our app, and our users have been falling asleep 3x faster ever since. Martin's always dreaming up new ideas and tech for Zz. 

Get up on the right side of the bed.

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